Marian Centre is not funded by any level of government, nor does it depend on any church funding for its operations. The donations on which we depend come primarily from private donors – one person, one donation at a time. The staff living and working at Marian Centre do not receive a salary. Our life and work here are our calling and a free gift, and as such, we need the help of our benefactors to sustain our needs. We too are beggars depending on the goodness of others.

Donations contribute to the overall existence of Marian Centre, From the basic needs of the staff to the running of the soup kitchen and clothing room; From maintenance expenditures to insurance and legal fees; from utility to food bills, etc.

We receive your donations, knowing that you have at heart the poor we serve. We honor this intention when we are in a position, through the generosity of our own benefactors, to help support other charities who also serve the poor, but who may focus on different needs.

There are several ways that people can assist us in providing support to those who have little or nothing in our city.

Clothing Donations

Many people make use of our clothing room and as such, clothing is always in demand. Of course the need varies depending on the season but clothing is vital.

Please keep in mind that we serve men and that women and children clothing can be directed to other agencies or many of the women shelters who do amazing work in this city.

We gratefully accept donations of new or gently used clothing from head to toe, socks to hats and everything in between and over. Imagine yourself stranded outside at any moment of any given season. What would you need if it rained? If it were so, so cold?

  • Good footwear and dry feet are a must.
  • Backpacks and blankets are always in demand as well as toiletries and laundry soap.
  • Also, a number of men need smaller than size 30 waist jeans and others have a size 36 leg. It is always a treat to find clothing that fits.


This shows the days and times when we are able to receive donations.

You may come in through our front driveway and ring the bell at our clothing room door (down the stairs). If you are driving, you can pull right into our front yard, and someone will answer the door for you and help unload your donations.

Food Donations

Generally acceptable foods include:

  • Non perishable, dry or canned foods;
  • Frozen/refrigerated meats: inspected and tagged;
  • Frozen/refrigerated dairy;
  • Frozen fruits or vegetables;
  • Fresh produce;
  • Bread & Pastries.

Prepared food, from a certified kitchen, must be refrigerated or frozen. We are unable to accept prepared foods from non certified kitchens.

We gratefully accept donations of food, but due to health regulations, we are unable accept all types of food.

If you would like to donate food and are unsure of its suitability, please call us at 780-424-3544 and ask to talk to the kitchen staff.

Financial Donations

If you’d like to make a financial contribution to support Marian Centre, you can send us a cheque made to Marian Centre or bring in your donation personally (see our About Us page for our address).

As a registered charity, we can issue income tax receipts for your donation.

We take credit card donations through this website through an organization called CanadaHelps.  To donate through CanadaHelps, click on the link:  DONATE