About our Clothing Room

Every Friday morning, between 10:30am and 12:00 noon, we open our clothing room to men in need. We are unable to offer clothing to women and children but many agencies downtown supply that demand.

There is limited space inside and thus we try and serve groups of more or less 15 people at a time. Since we cannot serve everyone at once, we assign numbers as a lottery system. It is not on a first come first serve basis and so, there is no need to get here before 10:15am. The door opens at 10:30.

Although no system is perfect, we have found overtime that the lottery system and that serving smaller groups of people is the best we can offer you and all those who come. It is all around more peaceful and orderly.

While others are busy getting clothing, you can wait in our large dining room where refreshments are served. It is often a good time to visit with friends, or read a book, etc. Someone will advise you when your turn comes. No need to worry.

Whatever we have to offer in our clothing room comes in donation and thus we cannot guarantee that everyone will find what they need all the time but whatever we have is there for you.

Staff and volunteers are always available to help you find what you are looking for and we do our best to accommodate your need with what is avail‍‍‍able.