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Although mainly known for being a soup kitchen in the Edmonton inner city,  Marian Centre is also home to a small community of 12 people. The staff assigned to live here form a family whose members lead a simple life of prayer and service.  Those who come to Mar‍‍‍‍‍‍ian Centre come to our house and are welcomed into our home.

Our presence and service in the inner city have continued since we first opened over 60 years ago, thanks to the help of countless benefactors, friends and volunteers without whom this place would not exist. It is our joy and privilege to welcome all who still come to share what has been simply and kindly given us to offer.

Marian Centre came to this city in 1955. At that time men were coming into Edmonton, looking for employment, from all over the country. Many found themselves without work and in need of food and clothing. At the invitation of Archbishop John H. MacDonald, Madonna House sent Dorothy Phillips to beg funds, material, and volunteer help. The people of the Archdiocese of Edmonton responded generously. A building was located and renovated, and eventually, the present Marian Centre was built.

We belong to the larger Madonna House apostolate, which was founded by Catherine Doherty in the mid 1940‍‍‍s.

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